Pir Imamuddin Kufreshikan
Village Pirana, Taluka Daskroi | Ahmedabad, Gujarat-382425 | +91 9898404049

About Imamshah Bawa Dargah

True path, Satpanth, Siratemustkim.............
Pirana is a famous and historical village, located 18 km away from Ahmedabad and known for famous secular shrine of Hajarat Pir Imamuddin kufreshikan (Imamshahbawa).Imamshahbawa came here more then 550 years ago .He belongs to great Islamic family Hajarat Iamamjafar sadik (RA).

He was a firm believer of co-existence and communal harmony. He established a religious denomination – order – school of thought , which became popular and called as satpanth (Correct Path) .Pir has thousand of follower belongs to all communities across the country.. The follower of Imamshahbawa is called as satyapanthies and decedent of Pir is called as Saiyed. Thousand of people from all community visit this shrine every year. It’s a symbol true secularism and tolerance.

Imamshah Bava Roza Trustees

Zainul Saiyed Pirana

Asif Saiyed Kanam

Nadeem Saiyed Petlad